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Hydraulic Control Panel — Hydraulic Equipment in Gympie, QLD
Get your heavy equipment working at the highest performance levels with fluid power products from Wide Bay Hydraulics on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you're fixing your excavator or installing industrial-scale plant for a factory, we have all your essentials in one Gympie store.

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Hydraulics are an important part of many industrial projects, as they allow machinery and other plants to generate immense power with incredible efficiency. Their systems consist of many individual components that all need to work in unison to transmit the hydraulic fluid and pressurise it correctly.

If you're working in a critical performance area, you don't have the luxury of waiting to order in a replacement component. That's why we stock one of the largest selections of hydraulics parts and accessories on the Sunshine Coast.

Our hydraulic range includes:
  • Valves
  • Cylinders
  • Lubricants
  • Filters
  • Brass & stainless-steel fittings
  • Motors
  • Pumps & controls
  • Couplings
  • Hydraulic tube – steel & stainless, metric & imperial
  • Seals
  • Monoblock & sectional control valves
Hydraulic Pump Engine — Hydraulic Equipment in Gympie, QLD
Don't stress if something isn't in stock, we will gladly place an urgent order for the item needed. And, if required, our experienced staff will lend their expert advice to help you choose the right product.

Each and every item for sale in our Gympie store is built to meet and exceed Australian quality and safety standards. Our goal is always to provide you with the best customer service along with affordable and reliable products.

Are you looking for something unique you can't get on the shelves? Wide Bay Hydraulics has a solution. For custom-designed and fabricated hydraulic components, see design, manufacturing and installation page, manufacturing and installation page.

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